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Date:   Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:38:23 -0400
Reply-To:   Ya Huang <ya.huang@AMYLIN.COM>
Sender:   "SAS(r) Discussion" <SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:   Ya Huang <ya.huang@AMYLIN.COM>
Subject:   Re: Annotate facility, to place a line in the middle of 2 data points on Gchart and Gplot and ...
Comments:   To: rdb1956@HOTMAIL.COM

For Q1, you can change x to a numeric var then use format to show the character, this way, the vertical line can be done easily with vref=...

For Q2, I don't know if there is any workaround, therefore, has to go annotation route..

data test; set test; if groupstr = 'a' then ngrp=1; else if groupstr = 'b' then ngrp=2; else if groupstr = 'c' then ngrp=3; else if groupstr = 'd' then ngrp=4; else if groupstr = 'e' then ngrp=5; else if groupstr = 'f' then ngrp=6; run;

proc format; value grp 1='a' 2='b' 3='c' 4='d' 5='e' 6='f'; run;

goptions reset=all;

axis1 order=(0 to 7 by 1); axis2 minor=none; proc gplot data=test; plot errcnt*ngrp / vaxis=axis1 haxis=axis2 href=1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5; format ngrp grp.; symbol1 line=1 value=dot interpol=join; run; quit;

data anno; set test; length function $8; retain xsys '2' ysys '1' when 'A'; function='move'; y=0; xc=groupstr; midpoint=groupstr; output; function='draw'; y=100; xc=groupstr; midpoint=groupstr; output; keep function xsys ysys y xc midpoint when; run;

proc gchart data=test; vbar groupstr / type=sum sumvar=errcnt discrete noframe annotate=anno; run; quit;

On Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:55:32 -0500, Red Eagle <rdb1956@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>Question 1. >How do I create the annotate dataset such that the data values in the 'test' >dataset below will determine the location of a vertical line placed exactly in >the middle of "groupstr" values, and running to the top of the frame, or if >possible running up to meet the frame on the graph? Just code to get a vertical >line in the middle of 'groupstr' values 'c' and 'd' would be fantastic. The >sample code below produces a simple line graph, to help with the answer, I >hope. The vertical axis is "errcnt" values and on the horizontal axis is >"groupstr" values. > >data test; > errcnt = 5; groupstr = 'a'; output; > errcnt = 3; groupstr = 'b'; output; > errcnt = 6; groupstr = 'c'; output; > errcnt = 4; groupstr = 'd'; output; > errcnt = 2; groupstr = 'e'; output; > errcnt = 3; groupstr = 'f'; output; >run; > >axis1 order=(0 to 7 by 1); >proc gplot data=test; > plot errcnt*groupstr / vaxis=axis1; > symbol1 line=1 value=dot interpol=join; >run; >quit; > > >Question 2. >Code below produces a simple bar chart. Again on the horizontal axis is the >variable "groupstr". As above I would like to place a line running vertically >in the middle of the "groupstr" value bars "c" and "d". Again the data would >need to drive the location so more data rows or changes in available space do >not prevent correct positioning of the line. The line would run to the top of >the frame in this chart. > >The use of %SYSTEM , %LINE macro's etc. in the answer is fine. > > >proc gchart data=test; > vbar groupstr / type=sum sumvar=errcnt discrete noframe; >run; >quit; > > >Question 3. >Is it possible to use the annotate facility to place text around the output >from a template containing several graphs? If so how? >I'll need a title and labels on the side. > > >Thank-you in advance!!

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