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Date:         Wed, 10 Sep 2008 18:45:31 +0200
Reply-To:     Marta García-Granero <>
Sender:       "SPSSX(r) Discussion" <SPSSX-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:         Marta García-Granero <>
Subject:      Manually tweaking a chart template (.sgt)
In-Reply-To:  <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed

Hi everybody

I'm trying to build a chart template (with SPSS 15) to make this graph the way it should:

data list list/time (f8) sj lower upper (f8.1). begin data 0 1 1 1 9 .985 .954 .995 10 .980 .947 .992 11 .975 .940 .989 12 .970 .933 .986 13 .964 .927 .983 14 .959 .920 .979 15 .954 .914 .976 16 .949 .908 .972 17 .939 .895 .965 21 .924 .877 .953 22 .908 .858 .941 23 .888 .835 .925 24 .883 .829 .920 29 .872 .817 .912 31 .867 .811 .908 33 .857 .800 .899 34 .836 .777 .881 35 .831 .771 .877 36 .821 .760 .868 37 .816 .754 .863 40 .811 .748 .859 41 .805 .743 .854 45 .800 .737 .850 46 .790 .726 .841 47 .779 .714 .831 51 .773 .708 .826 55 .763 .695 .818 56 .752 .680 .810 57 .738 .662 .800 58 .704 .615 .776 end data.

GRAPH /SCATTERPLOT(OVERLAY)=time WITH sj lower upper /TITLE='KM estimate with Kalbfleish-Prentice 95%CI' /TEMPLATE='C:\Temp\KPSurvival.sgt'.

This chart template, along with the code, is part of a big macro that computes Kalbfleish-Prentice 95%CI for survival estimates and plots them (just in case someone is wondering what's the use of all this code).

Basically, I have succeeded in:

- Adding titles to x axis ("follow-up time") and y axis ("Cumulative survival") (that required manual editing of the chart template, I found no way of adding the titles to the graph directly) - Adding interpolation lines (left step) to the three sets of data (time WITH sj, time WITH lower and time WITH upper) - Modifying the range and increment for y axis (from 0 to 1, delta=0.1) - Hiding the scatter dots (they insisted in showing up as 5 pixel diameter circles, even if I modified the graph to hide them and saved a chart template afterwards) I had to manually tweak the template for that too (lots of trial&error).

But... although I have manually edited the graph to change the interpolation lines from blue, green and dusty to: solid line, black, 2 pixels (for "time WITH sj") and dashed line, black 1 pixel (for both "time WITH lower" and "time WITH upper"), these modifications are nowhere to be seen inside the chart template (at least to my untrained eyes), and don't get applied to new graphs (although I'm sure I selected everything that could be selected to be saved in the chart template). Is there a way to add that instructions to it? Second item: since the chart template will be dynamically created by the macro (using WRITE OUTFILE='C:\Temp\KPSurvival.sgt'..........), is there any redundant line that could be safely erased?

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated, Marta


So far, my chart template has the following (rather difficult to understand, BTW) lines:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?> <template SPSS-Version="1.4" date="2008-09-10" description="" selectPath="87 80 12 13 17 18 19 47 43 " xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <setAxisInterval lowerMapping="exact" max="1.0" min="0.0" role="y" upperMapping="exact"/> <setAxisMajorTicks> <majorTicks categorical="false" delta="0.1" derived="false" position="outside" role="y"> <markStyle> <style color="#000000" stroke-width="1pt" visible="true"/> </markStyle> <tickLabelStyle> <style color="#000000" font-size="8pt" visible="true"/> </tickLabelStyle> </majorTicks> </setAxisMajorTicks> <setAxisMinorTicks> <minorTicks categorical="false" derived="false" number="2" position="outside" role="y"> <markStyle> <style color="#000000" visible="true"/> </markStyle> </minorTicks> </setAxisMinorTicks> <setAxisStyle categorical="false" role="y"> <label>Cumulative Survival</label> <axisLabelStyle> <style color="#000000" color2="transparent" font-size="11pt" font-weight="bold" labelLocationHorizontal="center" labelLocationVertical="center" visible="true"/> </axisLabelStyle> </setAxisStyle> <setAxisStyle categorical="false" role="x"> <label>Follow-up time</label> <axisLabelStyle> <style color="#000000" color2="transparent" font-size="11pt" font-weight="bold" labelLocationHorizontal="center" labelLocationVertical="center" visible="true"/> </axisLabelStyle> </setAxisStyle> <setAxisMargin categorical="false" lowerMargin="0%" role="x" upperMargin="5%"/> <setAxisMargin categorical="false" lowerMargin="0%" role="y" upperMargin="5%"/> <addInterpolationLine> <interpolation missingRepresentation="wings" pointPosition="left" type="step"/> <style color="#000000" visible="true" width="1pt"/> </addInterpolationLine> <addFrame count="1" styleOnly="true" type="legend"> <style color="transparent" color2="transparent" visible="false"/> <style color="transparent" color2="transparent" number="0" visible="false"/> </addFrame> <addFrame count="1" styleOnly="true" type="visualization"> <style color="#ffffff" color2="transparent" number="0" visible="true"/> <style font-family="SansSerif" font-size="8pt" number="1" pattern="0" stroke-linecap="butt" text-fit="true" visible="true"/> </addFrame> <addFrame count="1" styleOnly="true" type="graph"> <style color="transparent" color2="transparent" visible="true"/> <style color="#ffffff" color2="#ffffff" number="1" visible="true"/> </addFrame> <addFrame count="1" styleOnly="true" type="title"> <style color="transparent" color2="transparent" visible="true"/> </addFrame> <setShowLineMarkers> <style color="transparent" color2="#000000" size="1pt" symbol="circle" visible="false"/> </setShowLineMarkers> <setStyle subtype="simple" type="line"> <style color="#000000" visible="true" width="2pt"/> </setStyle> <setStyle subtype="simple" type="scatter"> <style color="transparent" color2="#000000" size="5pt" symbol="circle" visible="false"/> </setStyle> <setStyleCycle id="styleCycleDefault" styleByNumber="1"> <cycle> <style color="#000000" color2="#000000" glyph-angle="90.0" size="2px" symbol="line" visible="true"/> <style color="#000000" color2="#000000" glyph-angle="90.0" size="1px" symbol="line" visible="true"/> <style color="#000000" color2="#000000" glyph-angle="90.0" size="1px" symbol="line" visible="true"/> </cycle> </setStyleCycle> <setStyleCycle id="styleCycle_4160" styleByNumber="1"> <cycle> <style color="#000000" stroke-width="2pt" visible="true"/> <style color="#000000" stroke-dasharray="3px,2px" visible="true"/> <style color="#000000" stroke-dasharray="3px,2px" visible="true"/> </cycle> </setStyleCycle> </template>

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