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SAS-L archives – January 1999, week 4

  1. (MVS) Re: CPU

  2. (MVS) Re: Re: CPU

  3. (MVS): Re(6) Seq Numbers pos 72-80

  4. <No subject>

  5. Almost Duplicate Records

  6. Appending data to an Indexed and Sorted data set

  7. Appending data to an Indexed data set

  8. Batch SAS under Windows: SYSPARM?

  9. CENSUS 2000: The real Y2K Problem

  10. CPT codes

  11. CPU

  12. Call for book reviewers: public admin. & information technology area

  13. Capturing a picture of a SAS Frame

  14. Changing the value of last obs in a Dataset

  15. Consulting: NJ/Philadelphia

  16. Create Post Script file for SUGI24!

  17. Creating dummy variables (was RE: undocumentated mysterious instr uction ?)


  19. DBLOAD in Version 7

  20. Deleting a format

  21. Delimited text file fields longer than 8 characters

  22. Determination connection

  23. Dropping a variable from a large data set

  24. Exact Test, 3x4 untenable?

  25. Experienced SAS consultant needed in the Netherlands

  26. Export Wizard on Unix (was: I want fsedit back!)


  28. FREQ question: how to make a non-square table square?

  29. FTP Access Method on MVS

  30. FW: PROC SQL Option that will allow Oracle Hint

  31. FW: Semicolon to end a macro call?

  32. Factor & Cluster Analysis ..

  33. Fancy Way for "Please Wait ..."

  34. Find the File Size

  35. Formating a variable to use in DBLOAD

  36. Formats dependent on multiple variables

  37. Get Windows regional/international settings ?

  38. Hello Final

  39. Hello?

  40. Help! -internal error of compressed dataset

  41. Help: Summarizing within each subgroup

  42. Hospital revenue codes

  43. How to merge DB2 table and SAS data set.

  44. IML not in stats (was RE: filling data holes and selecting period s)

  45. Immediate Job Opening

  46. Information on Computer System Validation in Clinical Research

  47. Internal error of compressed dataset

  48. JOB - SAS Mainframe with SQL


  50. Long-term Pharmaceutical Contract Opportunities

  51. MVS: automated wildcard ISPF library member processing?

  52. Macro invocation with & without semi colon

  53. Memory required for modelling

  54. Merging datasets with missing values

  55. Model204 database

  56. Neural networks

  57. New SAS Tool finds SAS files

  58. Number of Lines in a Flat File

  59. Obtaining file size from FINFO

  60. PROC SQL Option that will allow Oracle Hint

  61. Postscript Printer Drivers

  62. Proc Tabulate helpful hint

  63. Purchasing SAS for Windows

  64. R: printing troubles under winNT

  65. Re[2]: filling data holes and selecting periods

  66. Reading Dates and unrelated Programming shortcut Question

  67. Reading SAS DATES Problem solved

  68. Research Opportunities


  70. SAS Connect unix to pc call what name?

  71. SAS Job Opportunities

  72. SAS Jobs NY-NJ-CT areas

  73. SAS Opportunities-NY, NJ, CT areas

  74. SAS Positions

  75. SAS Programmers Needed

  76. SAS Q: Automatic aesthetic major tick marks on gplot axes

  77. SAS-L FAQ Archive

  78. SAS/CONNECT & Win/NT.

  79. SAS/GRAPH into Windows Powerpoint

  80. Semicolon to end a macro call?

  81. Seq Numbers pos 72-80.

  82. Sort in numerical order when character vars

  83. Sort in numerical order when character vars? ????

  84. Sort in numerical order when character vars? SUMMARY

  85. Stop receiving mail temporarily

  86. TCB access using PEEKC in MVS

  87. Univariate Output Qstn

  88. Viewtable on UNIX

  89. [Merging datasets with missing values]

  90. [Re:Formats dependent on multiple variables]

  91. [Warning: could not send message for past 4 hours]

  92. appending data to existing file

  93. automated wildcard ISPF library member processing?

  94. ci's for parameter estimates

  95. clustering

  96. conver character to numeric format

  97. filling data holes and selecting periods

  98. how to read mmddyyyy

  99. immediate job opening

  100. information

  101. instantiating a SAS comment to deactivate code

  102. macro ends with a semicolon?

  103. montecarlo

  104. need help w formats

  105. opportunities

  106. payor sources for coding

  107. point estimators

  108. programming question

  109. programming question : slight change in the code I sent before in step 2

  110. ridge regression using proc iml

  111. subscribe

  112. temporarily stop receiving mail

  113. test (apologies)

  114. testing two distributions.

  115. thanks for the format help

  116. undocumentated mysterious instruction ?

  117. using FILE correctly for multiple external locations
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