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CONCH-L archives – October 1998, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. AW: Aporrhais on bkraines-auction

  2. AW: How many species? -Reply

  3. AW: How many species? -Reply Re: AW: How many species? - another look!!

  4. AW: Humorous shell names

  5. AW: Re: Humorous shell names

  6. Achatina trade

  7. Curse of the Question Man

  8. Gallery of Chitons

  9. How many species?

  10. How many species? - the REAL answer!

  11. Humorous shell names

  12. Ilyanassa obsoleta

  13. Internet HSN
    • Internet HSN (29 lines)
      From: Wesley M. Thorsson <thorsson@HITS.NET>

  14. More obsolete trivia

  15. Re: How many species? - the REAL answer!

  16. Shell names and mythology

  17. Snail Pack 1998

  18. Species
    • Re: Species (51 lines)
      From: David Campbell <bivalve@ISIS.UNC.EDU>
    • Re: Species (53 lines)
      From: Gijs C. Kronenberg <gijsckro@WORLDONLINE.NL>
    • Re: Species (18 lines)
      From: Robert and Betty Lipe <shellstr@GTE.NET>

  19. Subscribe
    • Subscribe (14 lines)
      From: Fred Duerr <fduerr@BMI.NET>

  20. This is a test, please delete it

  21. Trade
    • Re: Trade (18 lines)
      From: Robert and Betty Lipe <shellstr@GTE.NET>
    • Re: Trade (85 lines)
      From: mike <nurrenbrockm@MICROD.COM>

  22. Winter and Spring Shell Shows 1999

  23. dates wanted

  24. phila shell show

  25. unusual shell names
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