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SAS-L archives – March 2011, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Row title space too small to print titles for the table statement" error

  2. "Unpacking" variable in a datastep into a "macro function"

  3. A bootstrapping/simulation question

  4. Animal Shelters & Survey Statisticians

  5. Annual meetup (BOF) -- save the date and time!

  6. Audit trails

  7. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 11 Mar 2011 - Special issue (#2011-301)

  8. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 11 Mar 2011 - Special issue (#2011-303)

  9. Automatic reply: Web reading macro

  10. Call to execute SQL commands within SAS?

  11. Can someone using 9.2 64-bit Windows test this?

  12. Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  13. Checking for whitespace

  14. Circular dot plot

  15. Conditional Execution of Parameter in EG QUERY BUILDER

  16. Documentation for AMO 4.3 Input Streams?

  17. ERROR: Index TEMPINDX cannot be created

  18. Error Msg with Tagsets ExcelXP

  19. Estimating Difference in Centroids in Multivariate Linear Mixed Model

  20. Excel Formulas and ODBC

  21. FORECAST-- help

  22. Find Different Names

  23. Fuzzy pattern matching

  24. Gap Determination

  25. Green on PROC GCHART and SAS graphics

  26. How can I replace the characters by a list in a fast way

  27. How to convert date format

  28. How to get the data set id when the data set has been openned?

  29. How to solve this senario?

  30. JOBS
    • JOBS (18 lines)
      From: Sandya Sangam <sandya.sangam@GOOGLEMAIL.COM>
    • Re: JOBS (43 lines)
      From: Nria Chapinal <nchapinal@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: JOBS (40 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <nathani@VERIZON.NET>
    • Re: JOBS (34 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@ROGERS.COM>

  31. Launching stored processes in code or in another stored process

  32. Learning Edition and Enterprise Miner

  33. MANOVA
    • MANOVA (33 lines)
      From: William Shakespeare <shakespeare_1040@HOTMAIL.COM>

  34. Named setting

  35. Number of decimals

  36. ODS
    • Re: ODS (47 lines)
      From: Søren Lassen <s.lassen@POST.TELE.DK>
    • Re: ODS (73 lines)
      From: Data _null_; <iebupdte@GMAIL.COM>

  37. OT: Cute Comp Sci Joke

  38. OT: Friday Humor

  39. OT: Is this interview question misleading?

  40. OT: using SQL with MS Access

  41. Outputting to PDF / "save as" dialog box popping up every time for 200x loop

  42. PROC RANK Percentiles vs. PROC UNIVARIATE Percentiles

  43. PROC UNIVARIATE: suppress output

  44. Payment agreement coding

  45. PhilaSUG Spring 2011 Meeting Call For Paper and Poster Presentations

  46. Proc Format Woes

  47. Proc GMAP coloring

  48. Proc Sql Update with 2 Tables

  49. Proc means completetypes and Proc SQL

  50. Quotation Marks in SAS Macro

  51. REMINDER: NJ SAS Users Group Meeting - Friday, March 25th at Rutgers University

  52. RES: FORECAST-- help
    • RES: FORECAST-- help (35 lines)
      From: Ricardo Gonalves da Silva <rgs.rsilva@BANCOVOTORANTIM.COM.BR>

  53. Reading data from a website

  54. Reference cell coding and regression

  55. Referencing SAS in a publication

  56. Relative path names in view

  57. SAS Datetime Variable Conversionm XXXX

  58. SAS Speakers Confirmed; Early Reg. Offer Ends Soon

  59. SAS+Access v.s. VBA+SQL+Access

  60. SASware ballot
    • SASware ballot (23 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford <Peter.Crawford@BLUEYONDER.CO.UK>

  61. SCALABLE way to find all-null columns?

  62. SQL lookup - more efficient way?


  64. Scanning a character string for a number XXXX

  65. Two of our members are famous

  66. Unbalanced files

  67. Using Qutation Marks in SAS

  68. Web reading macro

  69. Weighted historgams and boxplots

  70. conditional highlighting in reports

  71. data prep
    • data prep (50 lines)
      From: Val Krem <valkrem@YAHOO.COM>

  72. excelxp tagsets = extremely bloated files

  73. firstobs vs. input #

  74. how do you generate a random ..

  75. how to retrieve the SAS outputs stored in a catalog

  76. install SAS 64-bit on Win 7 issue: JAVA JRE

  77. problems importing datetimes from csv files

  78. proc SQL and Length

  79. prxmatch called within a macro - escaping special characters

  80. remove a single space from a string

  81. remove a single space from a string - solved - use compress

  82. replacing var name with label in multiway list format

  83. reshuffle and pick data

  84. sybase connection error

  85. using SAS PROC SQL to manipulate databases
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