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SAS-L archives – November 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>

  2. Any data step expert going to NESUG?

  3. Anyone have experience working with integer binary created on zos but used on linux

  4. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 5 Nov 2010 - Special issue (#2010-1199)

  5. Bit type

  6. Can SAS pull info about MS Window folders?

  7. Can anybody tell me the answer for this question ?

  8. Collapsing date and coverage records with no gaps

  9. Creating a F table

  10. Data shuffle while join with database and SAS dataset

  11. Diagonally compare record values

  12. Finding non-exact Duplicate Records

  13. Follow-up to my previous PROC GMAP question

  14. Fwd: -- Much Faster Bootstraps Using SAS

  15. Help with Square Matrix - II

  16. How to code the confidence interval for Spearman's correlation coefficiency

  17. How to use proc compare

  18. Introduction to R

  19. Much Faster Bootstraps Using SAS?

  20. Multinomial Logit-Insignificant pvalues

  21. Non-inferiority of proportions: POWER and FREQ

  22. OT: some email has been delayed in the US over the past couple days

  23. OT:SAS 9.2 Unistall problem with windows 7

  24. Old Log

  25. Please critique: Macro to UPCASE multiple macro variables at the same time

  26. Proc Freq v/s Proc Tabulate

  27. Proc gchart - plotting bars + standard deviations

  28. Quoting Problem

  29. Regarding the Proc Sort

  30. Repeated measurement with a categorical (3 level) response

  31. SAS - How to extract data before last space

  32. SAS 9.2

  33. SAS AF - linking default values to selection table

  34. SAS book with practice questions?

  35. SAS on mainframe

  36. SAS on mainframes

  37. SAS: tools for thinking about statistical computation and graphics

  38. Simple merge in SAS

  39. Standardize with name change

  40. Subsetting Data

  41. Surface Representation 4 variables

  42. Transaction level processing with rolling window of time

  43. Version Control Recommendations

  44. do loops and math formula

  45. drop=

  46. how can i convert _null_ report(datstep report) which is there in rtf into pdf

  47. huge (>999.99) odds ratios: cause?

  48. inter-rater reliability in SAS

  49. macro variable resolution in XML

  50. mailing list for statistics

  51. ods excel xp tagset and proc report - why doesn't this formula show up in the resulting excel file?

  52. repeated statement dramatically slow down proc mixed?

  53. retain statement

  54. sas Graph to Excel exporting

  55. skewness of data

  56. split

  57. stored process to create a dataset - which tools to use

  58. test post

  59. time shift one hour when exporting to ACCESS

  60. tools for thinking about statistical computation and graphics

  61. using data from two data sets
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