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SAS-L archives – July 2010, week 3

  1. %HASHMERGE macro

  2. %hashmerge macro

  3. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IHByeCBtYXRjaGluZyAiYWxsIHRoZSBjaGFyYWN0ZXJzIGFyZSB0aGUgc2FtZSI=?=

  4. A question about opening data in sas/iml studio

  5. Aaargh fomat/informat :-(

  6. Automatic reply: SAS-L Digest - 17 Jul 2010 to 18 Jul 2010 - Special issue (#2010-826)

  7. Bona fide DO-loop bug (was: Combining iterative DO and UNTIL condition)

  8. Bona fide DO-loop bug (was: Re: Combining iterative DO and UNTIL condition)

  9. CEDA - Native Data Set

  10. COUNTREG questions

  11. Changing type and length of multiple variables

  12. Character Date Conversion in PROC SQL

  13. Clustered discrete event time analysis - GENMOD vs. GLIMMIX vs. NLMIXED?

  14. Combining iterative DO and UNTIL condition

  15. Comparing means of group with unequal variance

  16. Computation of Attributable Risks and their Confidence Interval via logistic regression

  17. Counter

  18. Covariate-adjusted ROC Curves using proc logistic in SAS 9.2?

  19. Covariated-adjusted ROC Curves using proc logistic in SAS 9.2?

  20. DATE Format

  21. Data Logic

  22. Doubly repeated measures (time and depth)

  23. FW: Computation of Attributable Risks and their Confidence Interval via logistic regression

  24. FW: Is LEAVE "non-structured"?

  25. FW: SAS Global Forum 2011: Call for Papers

  26. FW: Thoughts on nested comments?

  27. Flag Differences

  28. GLIMMIX question

  29. Genmod and zero inflated models

  30. How to code to calculate continuous 12 month period

  31. How to compress multiple decimal points

  32. In search of a more efficient program

  33. Inputing Missing Value

  34. Is LEAVE "non-structured"?

  35. Job Opening for Lead Statistician

  36. Journal Style Table

  37. Macro error

  38. Macro error...

  39. NLMIXED (Logistic Regression) - Estimate Statements & 95% CIs

  40. Need to do a SQL join on fields of different data types

  41. ODS tagsets.RTF

  42. OLAP Cube Minimum Cell Size

  43. OT: Which Came First the DATA Step or the PROC?

  44. Oracle xmltype column

  45. Out of Office: July 21-27

  46. Output of 2 Proc Reports in ODS RTF

  47. PDF file size in SAS 9.2

  48. PROC GREPLAY Error

  49. Performance

  50. Performance and disk write speed

  51. PhUSE - September 28th Cambridge MA

  52. Proc Gchart Help

  53. Proc Report: Make the BY variable bold

  54. Regarding date time values

  55. Searching for SSN string

  56. Securing passwords

  57. Step-Wise Methods re-evaluated

  58. Stepwise selection reduces multicollinearity

  59. Submitting SAS jobs from cmd.exe

  60. Survival Analysis Question

  61. Thoughts on nested comments?

  62. Time differences

  63. Update a dataset in use by other people

  64. Updating tables being used by others

  65. Weighted Least Squares Question in SAS

  66. Why you should always use a RUN statement (A SAS Gotcha)

  67. Windows SAS Install script wanted

  68. World Cup statistics

  69. data(read=)

  70. date cleaning/conversion

  71. how solve this this senario?

  72. how to use SAS to simulate data in multifactor nested design

  73. ordinal categorical longitudinal data

  74. parsing infile from web URL

  75. prx matching "all the characters are the same"

  76. similar characteristics grouping

  77. similar group identification

  78. stepwise and colinearity

  79. summary statistics of all variables

  80. trend pattern in this data?

  81. universal viewer 1.1

  82. update a dataset in use by other people
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