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SAS-L archives – June 2009, week 3

  1. .sd2 extension

  2. AE Derived Variable

  3. ANN: New article, JAVAOBJ webio

  4. Adding a date and timestamp to file name

  5. All combinations

  6. Atom inside: Intel announces ultramobile processor brand

  7. Auto variable for every month

  8. Bold one row in TABULATE


  10. Can SAS import data from online?

  11. Change Label

  12. Change from Baseline Table

  13. Closing "Breaks"

  14. Code Review questions

  15. Complex transpose problem (I think)

  16. Computex Watch -- The Skinny on Laptops, New Mobile Devices

  17. Converting datetime variable to separate date and time columns

  18. Correcting values

  19. DVD as output of datastep or proc append

  20. Date conversion

  21. Date parameters errors in SAS Stored Process

  22. Datetime20 conversion to mmddyy10.

  23. Deleting records from SQL table without key

  24. Deviance versus log likelihood

  25. Difference between using WHERE vs. IF in DATA step

  26. ERROR: File LIBRARY.FORMATS.CATALOG was created for a

  27. ERROR: File LIBRARY.FORMATS.CATALOG was created for a different operating system.

  28. ERROR: File LIBRARY.FORMATS.CATALOG was created for a different operating system.]

    • ESPAGNE/SPAIN (13 lines)
      From: <yaqubkhan82@GMAIL.COM>

  30. Error Procedure Logistic not found - Why?

  31. Error message in proc catmod

  32. Estimable Functions GLM

  33. Extracting Properties

  34. Figured out Greek characters. Still trying to merge cells across rows and columns.

  35. Free to a Good Home: IOMEGA Zip Disks

  36. General Health

  37. Great Tool I Have Ever Used in my Entire Life

  38. HEllo sir :i would like to join the course P G DIPLOMA IN STASTICS or BIOSTASTICS

  39. Healthcare Data Analyst (Atlanta, GA)

  40. Help in Sending email from Unix SAS

  41. Holding a record over interations of the DATA step without an INPUT statement.

  42. How Green is your SAS Code?

  43. How do I most efficiently remove permament formats assigned to

  44. How do I most efficiently remove permament formats assigned to many variables in data step?

  45. How to conduct t-test using SAS

  46. How to get this VBA script works within SAS

  47. How to read user-defined formats using IOM data provider

  48. How to reference macro variable in PROC SQL

  49. How to remove the negative sign in front of value

  50. How to remove the negitive sign infornt of value

  51. How to see the source code of Autocall Macros Provided by SAS?

  52. I/O ERROR
    • I/O ERROR (25 lines)
      From: raj <rkamalakar73@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: I/O ERROR (37 lines)
      From: Charles Harbour <charles.harbour@ACT.ORG>

  53. IHB raking macro

  54. ISSO codes and country match up

  55. Import/Export Bookmark and destinations from one PDF to another PDF

  56. Informat needed for yyyy-mm style date.

  57. Intel to Soon Phase Out Most Core i7 Processors

  58. Iteration of each row from a reference table of k-rows and generate k-datasets

  59. JOBS
    • JOBS (43 lines)
      From: sanajan sanjana <sanjana009988@GMAIL.COM>

  60. Job | SAS BI Developer III | Jacksonville, FL | 6+ Months Contract

  61. Joining two datasets

  62. Large datasets to tape on Windows?

  63. Log likelihood Specification

  64. Logic Behind this

  65. Logic to Create the Variable

  66. Measuring Relative Risk using Longitudinal data


  68. NJ SAS Users Group Meeting - Friday, June 26th

  69. Need help making SAS dataset, INFILE statement

  70. New Free Offers Complete Social Networking and Online Dating Experience

  71. No Longer Secret

  72. ODS CSV w/o quotes

  73. ODS and print control character

  74. ODS, front page, table of contents and report format

  75. OT: IBM embraces the cloud

  76. OT:Oncology study Reference papers

  77. Orphan SASHTML.HTM files in v9.2

  78. Overlaying multiple histograms on single graph?

  79. Overvalued Software Products and Undervalued Analysts? The Value

  80. PROC CLUSTER... slow


  82. PROC MI for categorical variable imputations

  83. PROC REPORT: Customizing PDF Bookmarks




  87. Principal Components Regression (PCR)

  88. Proc Report Compute Block

  89. Proc Report Compute Block If-Statement

  90. Proc sql select :into and macro variables

  91. Q: explanation for why macro gives 30 and not 10

  92. Question on DM tabs

  93. Regarding SAS/AF

  94. Reusing variable values from a datastep

  95. SAS certification necessary?

  96. SAS interviews and SAScommunity on Twitter

  97. SPSS and Proc Import Issue

  98. SPTM
    • SPTM (9 lines)
      From: Tom Smith <Need_Sas_help@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: SPTM (22 lines)
      From: such <such.jain@GMAIL.COM>

  99. SQL Natural Join error on sorted MVS data Joined from PC

  100. Seeking advice re improving SAS skills

  101. Sending mail with SAS

  102. Softwear and Games

  103. Specifying a log likelihood function to maximize

  104. Splitting columns in mm/dd/yy format into 3 separate columns (Month, day, year)

  105. Suffcient N for Statistical Test

  106. Suppress macro warning temporarily? Or how do I write this

  107. Suppress macro warning temporarily? Or how do I write this macro better?

  108. THREADS and multi-core processors

  109. Temporary directories

  110. The online interactive courses you need this summer

  111. UntraEdit Tutorials?

  112. Unzipping a folder

  113. Venting on the strengths and weaknesses of SAS

  114. Windows Authentication within PROC SQL

  115. Work at Home - Make $ 50 Per Hour

  116. [URGENT] : Conjoint Analysis HELP

  117. adding repeated information

  118. change from Baseline

  119. changing single record to multiple reords per person

  120. cheap wholesale air jordans shoes, air force 1st shoes. nike dunk shoes (

  121. checkin' the line

  122. comparing multiple means when standard error is known.

  123. comparision of two datasets with different time stamps

  124. confusion about analysis of covariance in PROC MIXED

  125. data _null_ file print ods, why I get two lines?

  126. dde sas
    • dde sas (100 lines)
      From: sravan reddy <sravan.bioboy@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: dde sas (165 lines)
      From: Emmanuel Bourmaud <emmanuel.bourmaud@GMAIL.COM>

  127. decimal
    • decimal (48 lines)
      From: Jeff <zhujp98@GMAIL.COM>

  128. help with macros

  129. hi : i want print required variable in vartical format

  130. how to create below varible value

  131. how to find P-value ?

  132. how to obtain last n obs from a sas dataset if we don't know the number of obs..?

  133. i want grand total in proc freq ;

  134. i would like to know about sas history

  135. if first.variable in SQL?

  136. increasing the value of a macrovariable

  137. macro and where statement

  138. medicine
    • medicine (22 lines)
      From: <yaqubkhan82@GMAIL.COM>
    • medicine (20 lines)
      From: yaqub khan82 <yaqubluxury@GMAIL.COM>

  139. nlin convergence status

  140. ods question
    • ods question (27 lines)
      From: Masoud Pajoh <mpajoh@ODOT.ORG>
    • Re: ods question (49 lines)
      From: Shirish Nalavade <shirish.nalavade@GMAIL.COM>

  141. outputting either the fourth or the final observation to a

  142. outputting either the fourth or the final observation to a new dataset

  143. outputting specific observations to other datasets

  144. penalized maximum likelihood

  145. problem with macro variables in proc reg/qlim

  146. proc format for classification

  147. proc mixed - interpretation

  148. proc report within ODS throwing a page every 100 obs

  149. proc summary first last?

  150. question on suppressing abend

  151. reading delimited file with some records having two lines

  152. reg: labelling of mean point surrounded by CONFIDENCE INTERVAL bars

  153. sas to excel using dde

  154. scatterplot with diagonal reference plot

  155. surveylogistic fails to converge

  156. where is standard deviation in SAS output?

  157. why don't orthogonal contrasts in PROC GENMOD Partition Chi-square?
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