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SAS-L archives – February 2009, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. & 1 Samuel 25v42

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  5. A Variable value combination Question - VERY VERY URGENT


  7. ANCOVA testing for homogeneity of variances

  8. Adjacent Category Models

  9. Apply formats from a list of formats

  10. Avoiding Division by zero Err Msg Generates "I"

  11. Back transforming a factor loading matrix to a correlation or covariance matrix

  12. Batch program

    • Re: CALL SYMPUT (29 lines)
      From: Suresh Ramanathan <ramanathansuresh@YAHOO.COM>

  14. Combining 3 datasets into a file row by row one

  15. Combining 3 datasets into a file row by row one after the

  16. Combining 3 datasets into a file row by row one after the other

  17. Conditional datastep

  18. Creating 2 Datasets with Wildcards

  19. Creating a Page Counter in PROC REPORT

  20. Creating aggregate fact tables with multi label formats

  21. Data Format

  22. Data Reading
    • Data Reading (21 lines)
      From: SUBSCRIBE SAS-L Joe H. Smith <peesari.mahesh@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Data Reading (45 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: Data Reading (38 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <schreier.junk.mail@GMAIL.COM>

  23. Delete Macro Variable

  24. Deploying Scoring Models from SAS onto cloud computer

  25. Documentation for INFILE option MAC

  26. Dose and Vitals Merge

  27. Duplicate Records

  28. Find position of last occurrence of character in a string

  29. Ftp Error WARNING: End of file.Segmentation Violation In Task [ DATASTEP ]

  30. General Contrast Question

  31. Genmod issue

  32. Graph help please...


  34. Help with summarizing data

  35. How do I programatically check for macro-quoting?

  36. How the Time Format works

  37. How to add count number

  38. How to calculate this kind of P value?

  39. How to handle variable names with spaces

  40. How to print line under header across variable (using ODS PDF) ?

  41. IAD to National Harbor on March 21

  42. INFORMATs vs. FORMATs with regards to INPUT and PUT functions.

  43. In report for a particular column i want give trend arrow

  44. Institute for Advance Analytics NC

  45. Interview with Phil Rack, creator of SAS interface to R

  46. LCLM and UCLM for small sample size give negative values

  47. Learning (please help)

  48. Maximum width of a text file in terms of characters

  49. Merging two datasets one one field but named differently.

  50. NEW
    • NEW (24 lines)
      From: evallyne sikuku <esimuli@LIVE.COM>
    • Re: NEW (36 lines)
      From: Anindya Mozumdar <anindya.lugbang@GMAIL.COM>

  51. NLMIXED bad behaviour due to explanatory variables

  52. Need to put a gap of 2 lines between header and first records and a 2 line gap between last records and trailer??

  53. New User 2 SEG, Step-by-Step Example?

  54. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  55. Obtaining NOTIFY= in a batch MVS job?

  56. Offset , Proc Genmod

  57. Open a SAS program into a new Window

  58. Options nolabel buggy?

  59. Performance issues with 9.2

  60. Performance: IF vs. Informat vs. Format

  61. PhilaSUG Meeting Announcement for March 12, 2009

  62. Proc Gplot NoPrint

  63. Proc Report with By statement output

  64. Proc SQL use of preserve_comments / Oracle hints

  65. Programming help: trigger and increase by 1 within a person

  66. Question about reading in one-lined long file

  67. Question on calculating 'cycle' times for 1 and 2 shift operations

  68. RR estimation in case control study??

  69. Random Numbers again : WAS RE: genetic inheritence in a primitive individual-based population model

  70. Random number generation - Was RE: missing at random

  71. Rate Ratio Interpretation in a Zero Inflated Poisson Model

  72. Reading in a CSV file where cells are weights

  73. Recording Seed values for posterity, (was missing at random)

  74. Regex and the $ anchor

  75. Remove automatic time/date stamp from ODS RTF Output?

  76. Remove date time from ODS RTF file

  77. Retrieve the name of the excel sheet

  78. SAS - Array Question

  79. SAS Position
    • SAS Position (31 lines)
      From: Paul Dorfman <sashole@BELLSOUTH.NET>
    • Re: SAS Position (41 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <jfh@STANFORDALUMNI.ORG>
    • Re: SAS Position (60 lines)
      From: Stephen McDaniel <stephen@STEPHENMCDANIEL.US>

  80. SAS Social Networking

  81. SAS Table help

  82. SAS Type III SS

  83. SAS/AF SAS Datset Model and formviewer on a sasdataset with password

  84. SAS/AF to Windows Clipboard

  85. SQL count based on the certain criteria

  86. SQL match optimisation

  87. Singular vs. Non-PD

  88. Storing Data in SAS efficiently

  89. Title in Ods Html

  90. Unix case

  91. Vertical Reference lines in Proc gplot

  92. Write a macro variable to a file.

  93. array label question

  94. background colors in SAS 9.1.3 Enterprise Miner

  95. by using html side by side can i print the tables

  96. can u tellme using sort procedure how to split non-missing and missing datasets given below

  97. close dos window

  98. collapsing data by irregular time intervals

  99. creating PHP files from SAS

  100. delete excel file

  101. delete null record

  102. genetic inheritence in a primitive individual-based population model

  103. genmod: scale = p and scale = d give different answer to type 3 (chi-square)

  104. handling errors from sas to batch

  105. hbar group ordering

  106. help with data manipulation!

  107. how to read 29-Dec-08?

  108. is 8051 CPU still around?

  109. key mapping
    • key mapping (62 lines)
      From: Gradowsky <marchi.gianluca@LIBERO.IT>

  110. macro
    • macro (25 lines)
      From: Ching <KCWong5@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: macro (31 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: macro (98 lines)
      From: Joe Matise <snoopy369@GMAIL.COM>

  111. macro sas code

  112. missing at random

  113. mmddyyyy date value without the slashes

  114. multiple destinations

  115. need urgent help

  116. nice shopping plaza

  117. non-integer do loop in macro

  118. ods/pdf startpage=never doesn't work anymore in v92?

  119. phd in bdrc
    • phd in bdrc (75 lines)
      From: Dna research centre <dnaresearchcentre@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: phd in bdrc (31 lines)
      From: Kevin Viel <citam.sasl@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: phd in bdrc (51 lines)
      From: SAS_learner <proccontents@GMAIL.COM>

  120. pretty russian girls! ...

  121. problem with groupformat

  122. proc format
    • proc format (30 lines)
      From: Marcelo Lamack <mar.lamack@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: proc format (29 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <schreier.junk.mail@GMAIL.COM>

  123. proc reg - forcing intercept to be 0

  124. proc sort
    • proc sort (84 lines)
      From: Marcelo Lamack <mar.lamack@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: proc sort (104 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: proc sort (87 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <schreier.junk.mail@GMAIL.COM>

  125. proc tabulate
    • proc tabulate (34 lines)
      From: Scott Raynaud <scott.raynaud@TARGETBASE.COM>

  126. replace '.' values in a raw text file with spaces

  127. sas9.2 sas program = batch submit

  128. sorting temporary arrays

  129. tip: macro xtab

  130. using bootstrap to select regression variable

  131. using sort procedure spilt into the two different dataset like non -missing and missing datasets

  132. ~ Baby Spice Naked Photo Shoot
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