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SAS-L archives – March 2008, week 4

  1. 2 DIM Array Question

  2. 2 macro questions

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  4. 95% Confidence Interval for rate=0

  5. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (26 lines)
      From: Edward Andrews <edward_allen_andrews@HOTMAIL.COM>

  6. A Background Painter

  7. A Date question
    • A Date question (133 lines)
      From: Christine Harrison <C.Harrison81@GMAIL.COM>

  8. A fairly complex data manipulation problem--- at least for a newbie!!

  9. AF frame not loading on start-up

  10. AW: Get out of memory in sas-macro

  11. AW: PROC LOGISTIC MODEL--Standardize vars?

  12. AW: R and SAS
    • AW: R and SAS (138 lines)
      From: Stefan Pohl <>

  13. AW: Reformat output

  14. Activex graph problem

  15. Aggregating data: creating a variable showing the pattern of treatments

  16. AnalyticBridge Award - Member of the Month

  17. Array definition question

  18. Array question

  19. Can the lag function be used to populate prior obs with successive observation values?

  20. Can't make WHOLE record a variable because of blanks

  21. Change work folder directory

  22. Changing foont when exporting to Excel

  23. Colon modifer doesn't work for where statement?

  24. Combining correlated categorical variables into single composite variable

  25. Conditional fsedit

  26. Correlation
    • Correlation (13 lines)
      From: Dave Diggs <diggs.dave@YAHOO.COM>

  27. DO U LIKE ME

  28. Data manipulation problem

  29. Date problem

  30. Direct Output

  31. Distinct on proc sql -- Clarification

  32. Does Macro Wrap of SQL code work ??

  33. Dollar format?

  34. Elegant way to re-write this code?

  35. Exporting char field to CSV in single quotes

  36. FW: Import Excel Into SAS

  37. Format help

  38. Formatting PROC TABULATE output

  39. Fw: Changing font when exporting to Excel

  40. Generating sequence numbers

  41. Genetic Algorithms for Predictive Analytics using SAS

  42. Get out of memory in sas-macro

  43. Global Variable Creation

  44. How to "call symput" absolutely everything

  45. How to print today's date in a SAS title

  46. I am looking for this macro??

  47. Importing error

  48. Inner Join or Look Up to Translate Values

  49. Inquiry: Tibishirani and Ebfron's LARS paper. Are you

  50. Is there a macro array?

  51. JMP Formula Geometric mean help

  52. Job Opening in Rockville, MD - Health Analyst / Data Manager

  53. Kick start your career in consulting with Aegis School of Business's One Year MBA/PGP

  54. LAG Function - only works on every other line

  55. Labeling bubbles in proc gplot

  56. MWSUG 2008 Call For Papers is Now OPEN

  57. Marking the values

  58. Merging with overlapping non-key variables

  59. Multi-Variable, Mult-Constraint optimization

  60. Multiple formats same variable for reporting

  61. NESUG 2008 Abstract Deadline is THIS Friday!

  62. NESUG 2008 Abstract Deadline: Pharma Section as Well

  63. Networking Conferences?

  64. Notes in log file

  65. ODS question

  66. OT: 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor

  67. OT:Mac Less Secure Than Windows and other musings...

  68. Oralce BI Training....!!!

  69. Out of memory problem in proc plan


  71. PROC LOGISTIC MODEL--Standardize vars?

  72. PROC LOGISTIC and Proc Score

  73. PROC LOGISTIC gotchas

  74. PROC NLP question: Is there a way to view the parameter estimates in the intermediate steps of the output?

  75. PROC SORT NODUPKEY - highest output dataset

  76. Page breaks using proc print

  77. Post #259913 (PROC COMPARE & the "E" value)

  78. Practice
    • Practice (44 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <jfh@STANFORDALUMNI.ORG>

  79. Problems converting spss file to sas

  80. Proc Compare and the E value

  81. Proc Compare and the E value (Resolved!)

  82. Proc Report calculations across ROWS

  83. Proc SQL
    • Proc SQL (19 lines)
      From: Madhu G <c2madhu@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc SQL (33 lines)
      From: =?windows-1255?B?4uPpIOHvICDg4ek=?= <GADI_B@MALAM.COM>

  84. Proc Tabulate Question ??

  85. Procedure Panel

  86. Program Data Vector

  87. R and SAS
    • R and SAS (51 lines)
      From: ajay ohri <ohri2007@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: R and SAS (81 lines)
      From: Samuel Croker <samuel.croker@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: R and SAS (106 lines)
      From: ajay ohri <ohri2007@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: R and SAS (59 lines)
      From: Daniel Nordlund <res90sx5@VERIZON.NET>
    • Re: R and SAS (35 lines)
      From: naught@NIL.COM
    • Re: R and SAS (132 lines)
      From: Tom Vincent <tomvincent@INBOX.COM>

  88. RETAIN Statement --> strange behavior

  89. RTF Bodytitle

  90. RTF styles
    • RTF styles (192 lines)
      From: Tom Hide <tom.hide@DEHIWORLD.COM>
    • Re: RTF styles (22 lines)
      From: Tom Hide <tom.hide@DEHIWORLD.COM>

  91. Reformat output

  92. Reminder: Free VirtualSUG Events March 31 and April 1

  93. Repeated measure in Mixed procedure

  94. Roland's Graphical Patient Profiler

  95. SAS 9.1 compatibility with Office 2007?

  96. SAS CONNECT: Hide Type Statement & MPRINT

  97. SAS Proceedings

  98. SAS Proceedings: dedup by title or date?

  99. SAS data to Access

  100. SAS variables greater than 200 characters

  101. SAS viewer window: set font permanently

  102. SAS-L Counts
    • Re: SAS-L Counts (58 lines)
      From: Michael Raithel <michaelraithel@WESTAT.COM>
    • Re: SAS-L Counts (56 lines)
      From: SAS_learner <proccontents@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS-L Counts (75 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <jfh@STANFORDALUMNI.ORG>
    • Re: SAS-L Counts (68 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <schreier.junk.mail@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS-L Counts (81 lines)
      From: data _null_, <datanull@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS-L Counts (82 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <schreier.junk.mail@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS-L Counts (100 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <jfh@STANFORDALUMNI.ORG>
    • Re: SAS-L Counts (63 lines)
      From: Michael Raithel <michaelraithel@WESTAT.COM>

  103. SAS/Oracle Processing Question

  104. SGF 2008 Proceedings

  105. SPSS data file to SAS data file: only partial variable labels

  106. SQL update question

  107. Scope of macro variable using "call symput"

  108. Set Partitions? Was: Get out of memory in sas-macro

  109. Some things are done better without SAS

  110. Summing common variables across two datasets?

  111. Supressing ods output

  112. System Resource Exceeded Error Using Excel Engine

  113. Table-driven programming WAS: Scope of macro variable using

  114. Table-driven programming WAS: Scope of macro variable using "call symput"

  115. Transpose

  116. Transpose using Across PROC REPORT

  117. Using arrays in proc sql

  118. Using information from different dataset in a macro

  119. Very very urgent please(DHMS Function)

  120. Web form for SAS job submission without IntrNet

  121. What are the five best books about SAS?

  122. Where to download the programs for the paper "Creating Complex Reports"

  123. Would like some sample code to help me learn base SAS

  124. Yahoo! Auto Response

  125. [No Subject]
    • [No Subject] (51 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <schreier.junk.mail@GMAIL.COM>

  126. [Q] LAG Function - only works on every other line

  127. about combine two datasets

  128. accumulating function

  129. adding data labels to proc g3d scatterplot

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  131. assign macro statement to macro variable

  132. attribute of a macro variable

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  134. coalesce / monotonic / ...

  135. combining different variables into one

  136. converting string to numeric

  137. creating combinations of a variable

  138. date of today of my operation system

  139. error in calling variable

  140. expand.grid in sas

  141. find level number in a hiearchical tree

  142. finding a variable in a dataset that has exactly/almost the same name that i ask for?

  143. formatting text

  144. gplot overlay skipmiss

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  146. herbal acne remedy sensitive skin treatment herbal remedy for hives herbal remedy for hormone imbalance

  147. how to add the observations in dataset2 to the variables in dataset1?

  148. how to change the name of variables in dataset2 to the variables in dataset1?

  149. how to get a dataset with dummy variables from glm coding

  150. how to zip a file or folder

  151. if 0 then set data ...

  152. inserting "missing observations"

  153. libname DB2 code with SAS?ACCESS for DB2

  154. macro question (%input)

  155. merge question
    • merge question (77 lines)
      From: Treder, David <dtreder@GENESEEISD.ORG>
    • merge question (120 lines)
      From: Terjeson, Mark <Mterjeson@RUSSELL.COM>

  156. models on method to march madness

  157. need help with Proc PMENU and getting values

  158. proc freq/tabulate

  159. proc sql different order on successive runs

  160. proc tabulate for one way freqs

  161. saving and opening data sets

  162. saving and opening data sets (IML simulation)

  163. should I keep a variable in proc logistic stepwise regression when its type 3 p-value < 0.001 but chisquare p-value ~ 0.9

  164. simple SQL select issue

  165. someone in charge

  166. standarized estimates by proc mixed

  167. suppress the output when using Proc Plan

  168. url/day: FedSmith jobs
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