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SAS-L archives – February 2008, week 5

  1. AW: read out a string

  2. Bivariate and multivariate results

  3. Eek!! MySQL client ran out of memory and my SAS job dies.

  4. Find the application that invoked a SP

  5. How to get Rid of Tab or Eof markers from Excel sheet to SAS dataset???

  6. How to implement status for multiple records?

  7. If you like %annomac......

  8. Intraclass correlation coefficient for binary outcomes

  9. Jobs at verna Scientific

  10. MAIA Intelligence spreads its wings to Singapore & ASEAN region

  11. No Longer !!!!!!!! Re: Waiting for 9.2?????

  12. OT: Leap Year Friday night humor

  13. PROC TABULATE/PROC FREQ - Save 2*2 matrices (Loan transition

  14. Predictive Analytics for Business, Marketing and Web - April 3-4, May 8-9, June 5-6

  15. Proc compare

  16. Quarters for Fiscal Years

  17. Reminder: VirtualSUG Sessions on March 3 and 4...Don't Forget to Register!

  18. SAS DI Studio
    • SAS DI Studio (20 lines)
      From: GAN <ganeshkumar.mohanan@GMAIL.COM>

  19. Send an email to the users

  20. Statistical Challenge Question

  21. Using Regular Expressions within SAS

  22. Washington DCSUG Meeting 11 March

  23. You can find new hookups with the hottest men, women and couples.

  24. create a variable

  25. easy but not getting expected out put(Very urgent)

  26. limit of rows

  27. maximize number of decimals when using DDE triplets to import

  28. ods/phtml to create xls file... (new issue)

  29. read out a string

  30. throw all variables that are not monotonic

  31. throw all variables that is not monotonic in existence of credit problem

  32. transpose question
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