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SAS-L archives – July 2007, week 4

  1. "not a valid SAS name"

  2. %dosfileinfo and %dosfilesize macros added

  3. =?utf-8?B?4pa64pa6R2V0IEZSRUUgU2F0ZWxsaXRlIFRWIG9uIHlvdXIgUEMgb3IgTGFwdG9w4peE4peE?=

  4. =?utf-8?B?4pa6V2F0Y2ggRlJFRSBTYXRlbGxpdGUgVFYgb24geW91ciBQQyBvciBMYXB0b3Dil4Q=?=

  5. =?utf-8?B?4peY4pa6QWNjZXNzIEZSRUUgU2F0ZWxsaXRlIFRWIG9uIHlvdXIgUEMgb3IgTGFwdG9w4peE4peY?=

  6. =?utf-8?B?4peY4pa6RlJFRSBTYXRlbGxpdGUgVFYgb24geW91ciBQQ+KXhOKXmA==?=



  9. A simple MACRO question:

  10. A variable Sorting Problem

  11. AIC problem in ROBUSTREG. Is bigger better ?

  12. Allison's example page 133 - 136

  13. Archiving SAS-L-posted codes

  14. Basic question, I hope...SAS XML too

  15. CART analysis on SAS enterprise miner

  16. CART on SAS enterprise miner

  17. Calculating current record minus minimum of previous

  18. Case crossover design

  19. Change character variable to num variable

  20. Collin output in PROC REG

  21. Complex survey data analysis question

  22. Conditional Footnotes-PROC REPORT

  23. Conditional Hiding Form Viewer Components

  24. Consistent formatting of numbers

  25. Correlation to SAS Dataset

  26. Counting instances across variables

  27. Create an Error

  28. Create macro variable to refer to program name - for multiple programs

  29. Data Step Question--Flag obs

  30. Date Calculation

  31. Deploying SAS to client computers - What options do we have?

  32. Display Date in the subject line in a SAS generated email - Mainframe

  33. Display Date in the subject line in a SAS generated email - Mainframe [SAS-L]

  34. Divide datasets into sub-datasets based on Variable Value

  35. Draw border that seperate group column

  36. E-MEDISYS 2007 . Fez , Morocco , October 24-26, 2007

  37. Error in Passing Parameters in Macros (Urgent)

  38. Excel, Word, DDE and Paste

  39. Exit macro

  40. Fisher's Exact Test vs Generalized Linear Models

  41. Format in Proc SQL ...a syntax question

  42. Free Online: Data Mining Intro for Beginners

  43. Friday humor - list of clinical sas programmer distractions

  44. GLM procedure

  45. Generate observations with a specific range of randomly

  46. Generate observations with a specific range of randomly chosen values

  47. Google Book Search for SAS Publishing Titles

  48. Help: a probelm about X command in a data step!

  49. Help: a problem about X command in a data step!

  50. How can I copy the whole directory (library XX) to another location using libname statement?

  51. How could I add multi-hyperlinks automatically in a word

  52. How could I add multi-hyperlinks automatically in a word documents?

  53. How to RANDOMLY split a whole dataset into two sub-dataset?

  54. How to erase a dataset using the command bar?

  55. How to randomly split a whole dataset into two sub-dataset?

  56. How to turn off ods csvall "file download" dialog window

  57. Identifying Overlapping Periods

  58. Increase P-Value for H-L test in logistic regression

  59. Invoking SAS from non SAS environment!

  60. Is it possible to use GEE to model my data?

  61. Koyck lag specification in cox models

  62. Largest amount of text that can be placed into a SAS dataset cell?

  63. Linear Trend in Proc Arima

  64. Loading data to oracle taking a long time

  65. Mapping different scale Survey data

  66. Meta data information

  67. Modeling Question--Transforming a Variable

  68. Moving to the next line

  69. Multinomial Regression?

  70. My "Common Unix Commands" document updated

  71. My new book "Saving Time and Money Using SAS" is now available world-wide!

  72. Need Map datasets for Australia

  73. Need help in Arrays and do loops

  74. Negative duplication

  75. Newey-corrected t-stats

  76. OLAP alternatives

  77. ORACLE Date Format

  78. OT - Friday Humor

  79. OT: second french newspaper publish about Sas Institute

  80. Ordinal logistic regression question on classification table

  81. Ouput window displays no results

  82. PROC GCHART - Pie chart, slice label

  83. PROC LP CPU time

  84. PROC SQL left joins - did everyone know this but me?

  85. Parallel Processing in SAS

  86. Picture = 1K words or Bye Bye Miss American Pie

  87. Pie chart

  88. Please help with these qns

  89. Pooled analysis

  90. Printing SAS programmes in color

  91. Printing SAS programs in color

  92. Problem with EXP function

  93. Proc SQL?

  94. Proc Tabulate

  95. Proc mixed and random effects solution

  96. Proc report spanned columns in ods pdf

  97. Question about GEE model dist option

  98. Question about Proc Tabulate

  99. Question about updating ID's using something other than PROC SQL

  100. Reading from excel

  101. Regression Skewed data!

  102. SAS Analyst Position - Chicago

  103. SAS Cluster Sampling Problem

  104. SAS DATE related: interesting I needed a discussion from the forum:

  105. SAS Maps and Alaska Counties

  106. SAS Product Selection

  107. SAS as THIN client & THICK client

  108. SVM in SAS

  109. Scan and conditionally delete obervation

  110. Selective 1-N merging

  111. Sending HTML email

  112. Simulating data

  113. Spectre (clinical) "key components" page

  114. Supress by group variables in proc report output

  115. Tchebysheff's theorem

  116. The "function-style macros" debate

  117. To reduce your body weight & slim your body

  118. Truncate dataset at specified value for field in longitudinal data

  119. Type IV SS in GLM?

  120. Unique groups

  121. Using the put-statement to create a code file for use with %include

  122. Validation techniques in logistic regression

  123. Weird value from PROC LOGISTIC

  124. What happened to %verifyb?

  125. What happened to the remove() function?

  126. Why SAS cut the names?

  127. Write UTF-8 encoded text

  128. [Autoreply] SAS-L Digest - 24 Jul 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1297)

  129. a probelm about X command in a data step!

  130. a question about nonlinear regression model.

  131. about merging stuff

  132. changing yyyymmdd-xxxx to yymmdd-xxxx

  133. combinations

  134. comparing data

  135. complex datastep logic

  136. counting no of accounts

  137. data selection

  138. data selection again

  139. definition

  140. deleting values from Oracle table using SAS not working

  141. free tool announcement: codedoc

  142. function style macros

  143. geocoding software advice needed

  144. help in SAS

  145. help sample

  146. how to annotate zipcode to a US map

  147. how to compound annual rate in SAS

  148. how to do discriminant analysis using lots of binary variables

  149. how to seperate this data?

  150. macro resolution error with call execute

  151. macro variable based on do loop control variable

  152. need help for sas program

  153. need help to create Kaplan-meier plot using proc gplot

  154. need to put the output from previous step as email body

  155. newbie question

  156. page no.s in MS-word footer using SAS

  157. problems with using CALL EXECUTE in a loop

  158. products on safety signals detection

  159. proportion test between a subset and the master file

  160. question about link statement

  161. random population problem

  162. random sampling

  163. reading a microsoft publisher document

  164. recode proc sort as datastep/proc sql

  165. report appearance in excel

  166. saving time in sas clinical reporting

  167. second french newspaper publish about Sas Institute

  168. skip a loop to next in a sas macro

  169. small problem with time format into excel output

  170. stat question: comparing proportions in 2 dependent samples

  171. tip: SmryLibname, successor of FreqAll

  172. transform data - patent classes

  173. very important

  174. ~r\rtf
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