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SAS-L archives – November 2006, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. %Global option problem

  2. *** 4th Annual L.A. SAS Users Day This Week ***

  3. A scoring related question

  4. AW: BLUPs in proc glimmix

  5. All level SAS Programmer

  6. Any references on SAS BI products overview?

  7. Assigning Shortcut Keys Programmatically

  8. Autocall macro containing other code?

  9. BLUPs in proc glimmix


  11. Can you format PROC MEANS output?

  12. Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  13. Changing the way SAS displays values (decimal points)

  14. Conversion of difference of two dates to exact months

  15. Convert sas date variable and time variable to a datetime variable

  16. Converting spss portable files to sas

  17. Converting variable values all to one length

  18. Cube Error
    • Cube Error (28 lines)
      From: pravin <pravin.viroje@GMAIL.COM>
    • Cube Error (30 lines)
      From: pravin <pravin.viroje@GMAIL.COM>

  19. Data Integration Studio performance

  20. Data transformation

  21. Dataset View - Source Information (where does the view gets the data for the table??)

  22. Definition of Mature

  23. Determining if a string is numeric

  24. Developing a rule to eliminate cross-section entities from a panel data set.

  25. Do you read or respond to SAS-L?

  26. Effect sizes for Proc Mixed

  27. Entering SCL code

  28. Executing a stroed process using remote foundation services

  29. Experienced SAS Programmer wanted

  30. FDA submission guidelines PDF output

  31. FTP Binary File and Verify

  32. First question!

  33. Frequency and percentage of each individual question

  34. Fwd: Re: data generation

  35. Generations
    • Generations (13 lines)
      From: MDL <markl@UAB.EDU>
    • Re: Generations (21 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: Generations (40 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>

  36. Get variables names using DSID

  37. Getting filenames & paths from NT directory


  39. Hausman test with three dimensions.

  40. Help in if- then syntax to assign values for more than one variables in then clause

  41. Help on recoding ranking to distance

  42. How can I do output like this....

  43. How to Compare two different informat dates using SAS

  44. How to add 6 hrs to date and time field

  45. How to format the numeric variable

  46. How to generate continuous variable corresponding to Odds Ratio X

  47. How to infer the UNKNOWN cells

  48. How to replace missing values

  49. I want to see empty cells as "0"


  51. Importing Multiple Excel Worksheets/WorkBooks

  52. Importing from Excel fields that have >255 characters

  53. Indenting text in SAS editor?

  54. Interpretation vs. compilation - where is SAS in the landscape of programming languages ?

  55. Intraclass correlation coefficients Using PROC NESTED,

  56. Is this possible in PROC SQL? Assigning value by an ID var

  57. Logs
    • Logs (35 lines)
      From: Alan Churchill <SASL001@SAVIAN.NET>
    • Re: Logs (32 lines)
      From: RolandRB <rolandberry@HOTMAIL.COM>

  58. Looping problem

  59. Merging Multiple Datasets With Sequential File Names

  60. Merging for further counting

  61. Minneapolis Contract + Permanent Positions

  62. Missing covariate at some group levels

  63. Multiple SET statements

  64. NPAR1WAY and an additive effect

  65. Negative Binomial Dispersion

  66. New in the list

  67. OR >999.999

  68. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  69. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Someone saving these?

  70. OT: I learned it from...

  71. OT: LaTeX pdf utility

  72. Optimization Challenge

  73. Out of sample Prediction


  75. PROC CLUSTER and PROC TREE (cont.)

  76. PROC CLUSTER and PROC TREE <which is an error>

  77. Partial Least Square

  78. Please send answer for this

  79. Proc IML
    • Proc IML (15 lines)
      From: Ernesto <eortiz@UDELMAR.CL>
    • Re: Proc IML (59 lines)
      From: Dale McLerran <stringplayer_2@YAHOO.COM>

  80. Proc Import multiple connections to MS Access97 database failure

  81. Proc MODEL
    • Re: Proc MODEL (37 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  82. Proc Sql question

  83. Proc report/Compute: formating cells

  84. Producing a Table and Graph on a Single Page

  85. Proportional Hazard Model

  86. Pruning a Hierarchy

  87. Q: unix v8.2 mail cc

  88. Question on indexw vs. index

  89. RLS and NLS
    • RLS and NLS (26 lines)
      From: Martin <EdkIlhKpnBbr@SPAMMOTEL.COM>
    • Re: RLS and NLS (43 lines)
      From: Gwenael Besnier <gwen_1973@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: RLS and NLS (43 lines)
      From: Gwenael Besnier <gwen_1973@HOTMAIL.COM>

  90. Random sample

  91. Re-formating variables

  92. Re. SAS 8.2
    • Re. SAS 8.2 (23 lines)
      From: Yoshie Saito Lord <ylord@TEMPLE.EDU>

  93. Reading data in column to row

  94. Reordering variables - redux

  95. Replacing a sign in a data value

  96. Report error

  97. Report error - Correction

  98. SAS 8.2
    • SAS 8.2 (21 lines)
      From: Yoshie Saito Lord <ylord@TEMPLE.EDU>
    • Re: SAS 8.2 (34 lines)
      From: LouisBB <nospam@HCCNET.NL>
    • Re: SAS 8.2 (39 lines)
      From: Bhavani Shankar <bhavani.shankar@INDIA.BIRLASOFT.COM>
    • Re: SAS 8.2 (56 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford <peter.crawford@BLUEYONDER.CO.UK>

  99. SAS Format directives (%)

  100. SAS Help: Proc Tabulate, how to control denominator?

  101. SAS Programmer

  102. SAS Programmer, Portland Oregon

  103. SAS Survey for final year MSc Project : your help needed

  104. SAS default setting

  105. SAS(r) Training Seminars in Washington, DC: Nov. & Dec. 2006, Jan 2007

  106. SAS/Graph -- accessing symbol color from a datastep?

  107. SAS/IML: Accessing the state of reset print setting?

  108. SPEC to test for heteroscedasticity

  109. SUGI SGF paper notifications

  110. Splitting data based on n observation

  111. Sr. Bio-Statistician

  112. Stat question: Similarity of curves

  113. TAGSETS Update Error

  114. TAGSETS and Cascading Style Sheets CSS

  115. Thanks - UNIX and SAS

  116. The quoted string

  117. To my friends and associates who responded to my email about my employer, Full Capture Solutions, seeking additional SAS talent.

  118. Two questions in output format

  119. Unix and Excel

  120. Using ActiveWorkBook.Container

  121. WIki
    • WIki (87 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>
    • Re: WIki (116 lines)
      From: Joe Whitehurst <joewhitehurst@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: WIki (103 lines)
      From: WebMiner <graham.murray@WEBMINER.CO.UK>

  122. What Join I need to use ??

  123. Which test??
    • Which test?? (30 lines)
      From: Marina Kekrou <mkekrou@YAHOO.CO.UK>

  124. Why can't I call a macro inside a macro program?

  125. Write to a SAS file

  126. X-Windows under MVS

  127. a special sql query

  128. beginner array question

  129. binary k-means cluster

  130. calculating lowest one third of total population

  131. confidence intervals for user-defined quantiles

  132. converting format in PROC SQL

  133. count the number of missing values

  134. counter variable

  135. cross-over study: 2 sample t-test vs paired t-test

  136. data generation

  137. data manipulation

  138. date formatting when exporting as csv

  139. date time diffrence

  140. error message Nlmixed

  141. error with Nlmixed

  142. factor analysis

  143. filling an empty set with 'merge'

  144. how to find difference between two datetime

  145. joining tables- one table below another

  146. matching observations in the same data set

  147. more than on graph in a page

  148. pointers
    • pointers (11 lines)
      From: satishkingdom@GMAIL.COM
    • Re: pointers (14 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: pointers (23 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <jim2stat@YAHOO.CO.UK>

  149. printing graphic images in SAS ODS PROC REPORT

  150. proc datasets does not work

  151. proc logistic with sas v8 and sas v9

  152. random number generation

  153. read in sas file and write out with new extension

  154. reading in multple csv files and exporting to excel via macro

  155. rename data in a a sequential library

  156. repeated measures anova

  157. round up to ten thousand

  158. sas dates
    • sas dates (25 lines)
      From: mesecca L katram <mesecca@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: sas dates (67 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>

  159. shorthand for list of variables

  160. sum of grouped data

  161. sum of some variables of group data

  162. superscripts in sas

  163. testing macro one by one

  164. transpose
    • transpose (34 lines)
      From: phillyj <jessica.donato@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: transpose (53 lines)
      From: Yu Zhang <zhangyu05@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: transpose (69 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>
    • Re: transpose (70 lines)
      From: phillyj <jessica.donato@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: transpose (89 lines)
      From: Yu Zhang <zhangyu05@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: transpose (124 lines)
      From: data _null_; <datanull@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: transpose (140 lines)
      From: Yu Zhang <zhangyu05@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: transpose (158 lines)
      From: data _null_; <datanull@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: transpose (174 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: transpose (60 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <rdevenezia@WILDBLUE.NET>
    • Re: transpose (82 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>

  165. writing SCL code in external application?
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