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SAS-L archives – August 2004, week 1

  1. (OT) Re: *.sas in XP command prompt

  2. *.sas in XP command prompt

  3. *nix: extract names of all called SAS macros

  4. 2nd CFP: International Workshop on Feature Selection for Data Mining

  5. :)
    • :) (12 lines)
      From: Ken Moody <KennethMoody@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>

  6. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (59 lines)
      From: David W Neylon <David.W.Neylon@WELLSFARGO.COM>
    • <No subject> (139 lines)
      From: Terjeson, Mark <TERJEM@DSHS.WA.GOV>
    • <No subject> (66 lines)
      From: MRS AINA IGE <ainazz4@YAHOO.COM>

  7. <renamed to merge problem>

  8. A Tricky Problem - Reconstruct a Dataset

  9. A complicated matrix manipulation question

  10. A message From: Rev. Johnson Weh Urgent

  11. A variable name with a space

  12. ANN: Neural Data Visualisation Software now loads SPSS & SAS files




  16. Analysing a questionnaire

  17. Apply a filter on the AF Models

  18. Appropriate SAS Procedure to Analyze the Effect of Promotions on Sales

  19. Autostart a program

  20. Beginner SAS programmer

  21. Beginner to SAS/AF needs help

  22. Binary
    • Re: Binary (314 lines)
      From: Myra Oltsik <my_sas_spot@YAHOO.COM>




  26. Calculate age
    • Calculate age (57 lines)
      From: H. Lawrence Hotchkiss <larryh@ZEBRA.US.UDEL.EDU>
    • Re: Calculate age (114 lines)
      From: Dale McLerran <stringplayer_2@YAHOO.COM>

  27. Career Posting

  28. Checking for consecutive values

  29. Command to open a Remote SAS session

  30. Comparison across rows

  31. Creating a slowly growing SAS session

  32. Custom Footer for ODS pdf template

  33. Custom horizontal (or vertical) lines in PROC PRINT ODS output?

  34. Data extraction from column

  35. Does anyone have any experience using SAS ... to read MARC format data?

  36. Enterprise Miner: Write Access Violation in Task ( DMREG ]

  37. Example SAS/AF code to emulate FSEDIT

  38. Excel output using "ods html". How to put a blank line after each by group


  40. FW: Checking for consecutive values

  41. Flowers, Cat (Nikon D70 auto, standard lens, hand-held)

  42. For members. id:Beverly

  43. From Dr Uchenna
    • From Dr Uchenna (31 lines)
      From: Dr Uchenna Eboh <uchennaeboh009@SUDANMAIL.NET>

  44. Geschäftliches Angebot


  46. Hello there... GSCZZWWZVS

  47. How can I invoke a SAS macro in a data step

  48. How to draw a line graph in Base SAS ?

  49. I'm stuck on a macro

  50. Identifying observations for which there is a MISSING VALUE : HELP

  51. Identifying observations for which there is a MISSING VALUE : HELP !!!

  52. Important
    • Important (32 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV administrator <owner-LISTSERV@AKH-WIEN.AC.AT>

  53. Individual and Mean graph in SAS

  54. Is there any way to combine individual rtf files to one rtf file?

  55. Job: contract SAS and STAT positions in PA

  56. L 0 L 1 T A S B B V 1 D E 0 B B S 1 T E !!! B B B gentler aseptic

  57. LUG: Greater Atlanta SUG Sep 16

  58. Leading zeros

  59. Lose up to 19% weight. A new weightloss is here.

  60. Lose your weight. New weightloss loses up to 19%.

  61. Macro to avoid PROC DBLOAD bug

  62. Mainframe SAS

  63. May be you've had this problem

  64. Multivariate sample size estimation

  65. NESUG '04 Registration is OPEN !

  66. NESUG Registration is now open !

  67. OT: Outsourcing

  68. OT: SAS Ads
    • OT: SAS Ads (17 lines)
      From: Myra Oltsik <my_sas_spot@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: OT: SAS Ads (35 lines)
      From: Jerry Davis <jwd@GRIFFIN.UGA.EDU>

    • PLEASE READ (43 lines)
      From: llawal1 <ladilawal99@NETSCAPE.NET>


  71. Printing Landscape/Portrait from OUTPUT window in UNIX (version 9.1.n)

  72. Problem fetching session varibales

  73. Proc Report Ods Rtf Escape Characters in headings

  74. Proc Sort Sum statement MVS - note FYI

  75. Question for merging 4 dataset

  76. Regression as a data step

  77. Reserved word?

  78. Revised: SAS Proc Export Problem

  79. SAS + ARRAY
    • SAS + ARRAY (39 lines)
      From: ravi <get_sravikumar@REDIFFMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS + ARRAY (72 lines)
      From: Dunn, Toby <Toby.Dunn@TEA.STATE.TX.US>
    • Re: SAS + ARRAY (77 lines)
      From: Chang Y. Chung <chang_y_chung@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS + ARRAY (174 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>

  80. SAS - Correct for serial correlation

  81. SAS 9.1 question

  82. SAS Ads
    • Re: SAS Ads (32 lines)
      From: Choate, Paul@DDS <pchoate@DDS.CA.GOV>
    • Re: SAS Ads (48 lines)
      From: Bosch, Jules [PRDUS Non J&J] <JBosch1@PRDUS.JNJ.COM>
    • Re: SAS Ads (37 lines)
      From: Mike Rhoads <RHOADSM1@WESTAT.COM>

  83. SAS Proc export problem

  84. SAS Programmers and Light Bulbs

  85. SAS User Group Meetings in Cincinnati Aug 25 and Sept 1

  86. SAS via X server software & UNIX environment variables

  87. SAS(r) Training Seminars in Richmond, VA

  88. SAS/ACCESS with Bloomberg

  89. SAS/IML, learning, like APL?


  91. Sharing work - directory structures?

  92. Size of ICK file when sorting

  93. Slow Access to Other Programs

  94. TSO compile time

  95. Thank You to All !

  96. That %capmac macro again

  97. Transpose
    • Transpose (54 lines)
      From: Anthony Beckman <anthony_beckman@URMC.ROCHESTER.EDU>
    • Re: Transpose (116 lines)
      From: Chang Y. Chung <chang_y_chung@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Transpose (127 lines)
      From: Beckman, Anthony <Anthony_Beckman@URMC.ROCHESTER.EDU>
    • Re: Transpose (164 lines)
      From: Terjeson, Mark <TERJEM@DSHS.WA.GOV>

  98. Trying to compare two sas datasets

  99. Using FILENAME URL with a proxy server

  100. Using PROC REG to Mimic PROC AUTOREG

  101. Variable split in two rows

  102. Way OT: was Re: OT: Outsourcing

  103. What I found on variable names with spaces

  104. What's new in SAS 9.1.3?

  105. Why I can't do searching on SAS OnlineDoc using IE?


  107. YOUR URGENT ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED.please reply me back soon.

  108. analyzing a questionnaire

  109. assist us,please

  110. compress and xport engine

  111. confiential
    • confiential (69 lines)
      From: john123savimbi@WEBMAIL.CO.ZA

  112. convert months 'OCT' --> 10

  113. customized templates (Ods,markup)

  114. data steps
    • data steps (47 lines)
      From: hua gang <hg448@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: data steps (70 lines)
      From: DePuy, Venita <depuy001@DCRI.DUKE.EDU>
    • Re: data steps (114 lines)
      From: Terjeson, Mark <TERJEM@DSHS.WA.GOV>
    • Re: data steps (61 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>

  115. divider chars in PROCs to disk/printer

  116. dynamical creation of an attribute name

  117. f 0 r b 1 d d e n B B B l 0 l 1 t a s B B B dreams B B B users irrelevant

  118. flat file modification

  119. get libname path into a macro variable?

  120. help,about sample size on proc fastclus

  121. how to calculate age from dob?

  122. how to delete datt sets??

  123. identify gaps in observation

  124. inbox
    • inbox (28 lines)

  125. informat a group of vars q1-q10;

  126. last observation carried forward

  127. map of france with departmental boundaries

  128. merge and delete

  129. newsgroup server name?

  130. overflow
    • overflow (136 lines)
      From: Cavallo, Alexander <acavallo@LEXECON.COM>

  131. overflow - SOLVED

  132. posterior EM algorithm in PROC MI

  133. printing the list of variables names of a SAS dataset : HELP! !!!!

  134. printing the list of variables names of a SAS dataset : HELP!!!!!

  135. problems when substituting crlf occuring inside records

  136. problems when substituting crlf occuring insiderecords

  137. proc means ODS output. How to drop labels(or variables)

  138. question on %substr(&arg1,&arg2,&arg3)

  139. reply soon!!!!
    • reply soon!!!! (100 lines)
      From: MRS. MARIAM ABACHA. <ssrchsima1@POST.CZ>

  140. sas email via outlook2003

  141. suggestions for book purchase for work library

  142. symbol in graph problem?

  143. trim anumeric value

  144. use estimated parameters as starting values

  145. w S Almost FREE MONEY !! w S

  146. what makes a "good" SAS programmer?

  147. what training do you want as a newbie SAS programmer?

  148. winning notification!!!

  149. your response
    • your response (37 lines)
      From: Mrs jane mupesa <mjanem01@TISCALI.CO.UK>
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