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SAS-L archives – November 2001, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. *** Turn-key conference registration system - FREE TRIAL

  2. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (31 lines)
      From: <ekoku@CHASS.UTORONTO.CA>

  3. =?ks_c_5601-1987?B?W7GksO1dIMCvv+vH0SDBpLq4wNS0z7TZISEh?=

  4. ? Newbie: User defined Functions or best alternative

  5. ???CALL SYSTEM(" type ""&SASfold1\TOC1_1.TBL"" > ""&SASfold\Tables(&RUN_TS).TBL""");???


  7. A Question on Name Clean

  8. AW: Rsubmit: How can you program to check for filename error?

  9. Accessing an existing SAS session from VB

  10. Antwort: AW: Rsubmit: How can you program to check for filename error?

  11. Any clustering experts out there?

  12. Appending and Writing External Files


  14. Bitmaps and Powerpoint

  15. Box-cox transformation

  16. Brandon L. Paris/485819/EKC is out of the office.

  17. Call for contributions to the book : INNOVATIONS IN KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING, Springer-Verlag

  18. Classification table in PROC LOGISTIC

  19. Cleanse Macro and Schemas

  20. Cleveland Ohio Public SAS Software Training Jan 2002

  21. Collecting EXIF information from an JPEG image

  22. Consumer Credit Scoring: How to align scores

  23. Credit Scoring

  24. DW-Statistics in NLIN

  25. Data Step Processing and RETURN Statements

  26. Data merge question

  27. Data mining course Feb 28- Palo Alto

  28. Decipher error messages in data step.

  29. Deleting external files from sas 8.2

  30. Deleting the contents of a file in V6 and MVS

  31. Editing a Character String

  32. Encrypted data from Windows to UNIX

  33. Encrypted file across platforms

  34. Error
    • Re: Error (31 lines)
      From: dkb@CIX.COMPULINK.CO.UK

  35. FIM: For the DDE-Heads: SAS Notes for 26Nov2001

  36. FW: can't access mddb from webeis 2.0

  37. Finding the names of sequential datasets on MVS

  38. Fwd: IT Managers

  39. Fwd: Re: SUGI overrun with Institute Staff?

  40. GDDM-GDF to xxxxx conversion

  41. GEE macro for multilevel

  42. Genetic Algorithms in SAS

  43. Get col. names w/ SASOACT.EXE?


  45. Help - infile funny format question

  46. Help with holding SAS-L messages

  47. High-Speed Internet Now Available to Bohemia Businesses!

  48. How can I know how big is the dataset?

  49. ISO data management, graphing, and visualization

  50. Ideas for reading files

  51. Invitation...

  52. Join Us - for Free online environmental information service

  53. Knowledge and Information Systems: 3(4), November 2001

  54. Little macro to create an Excel sheet from a SAS dataset with just base SAS

  55. Merging SAS Datasets

  56. Name Clean Problem has been solved. Thanks. everybody

  57. Now You Can Run A Background and Asset Search!!!

  58. PROC NLIN v6.12 vs v8.1

  59. Porter's stemming algorithm in SAS?

  60. Print to PDF

  61. Probabilities

  62. Problems with proc greplay

  63. Question about SASware ballot

  64. Questions re SASHELP Views: VMACRO and VSTYLE

  65. Questions re SASHELP Views: VMACRO and VSTYLE -- THANKS!!

  66. RECEIVE $1,000 COMMISSION per SALE !!

  67. Reading character string with leading blanks; most weekly snow events

  68. Reading character string with leading blanks; most weekly snowevents

  69. Registering a hierarchy in a repository in batch

  70. Rsubmit: How can you program to check for filename error?

  71. SAS IntrNet 8.2 Timeout Error

  72. SAS IntrNet 8.2 Timeout Error - Fixed

  73. SAS bootstrap macros

  74. SAS code invoked on the Web for DB update

  75. SAS v MSSQL
    • Re: SAS v MSSQL (31 lines)
      From: Kevin Williams <Kevin.Williams@FIRSTMERIT.COM>

  76. SAS-L Digest - 23 Nov 2001 - Special issue (#2001-1451)

  77. SAS-SQL Connectivity Help needed

  78. SAS/Share, JDBC and JBuilder Data Express

  79. SMRs - Alberto


  81. SQL Many-to-Many merge didnt work... help!

  82. SUGI 27 Update

  83. SUGI overrun with Institute Staff?

  84. Sas vs. MSSQL

  85. Search for Cointegration using Constrained Regression in SAS

  86. Sending mail with sas...

  87. Shorten a string?

  88. Simple SQL Qn.

  89. Sorting data within SAS/IML

  90. Standards for public use macros

  91. Subscribe
    • Re: Subscribe (21 lines)
      From: KALUMBI,DOYLE KALUMBI,DOYLE <doylekalumbi@MSN.COM>

  92. Sugi 26 Revisited

  93. Sugi27
    • Sugi27 (15 lines)
      From: Nathaniel Wooding <Nathaniel_Wooding@DOM.COM>
    • Re: Sugi27 (40 lines)
      From: Brian Shilling <brian.shilling@BMS.COM>

  94. Testing two slopes by user type using count data

  95. Thanks - Re: Simple SQL Qn.

  96. Thanks and another macro question

  97. The Atlanta SAS Users' Group Announces A New Web Site And Online Survey

  98. This Morning's Investment Alert GK

  99. This Will Be A Blessing To You

    • UNSUBSCRIBE (22 lines)
      From: Your Name <Shabsaz@AOL.COM>
    • UNSUBSCRIBE (33 lines)
      From: Penny Moulis <penny@EXIS.NET>

  101. Using Key= to perform a table lookup

  102. Very nice situation !!!

  103. Very nice situation !!! (THANKS )

  104. Video e Immagini delle donne piy calde !!

  105. Where i can find briandump on SAS Core Concepts Version 8 Cer tification Exam

  106. Where i can find briandump on SAS Core Concepts Version 8 Certification Exam

  107. age-standardized mortality rates and SMR (Standardized Mortal ity Ratio)

  108. age-standardized mortality rates and SMR (Standardized Mortality Ratio)

  109. area of a polygon
    • area of a polygon (16 lines)
      From: Schulingkamp, Michael E <michael.e.schulingkamp@LMCO.COM>

  110. change to hexadecimal colors

  111. compress out special characters

  112. counting occurrences vs patients

  113. counting with retained variable

  114. do-while loops in a macro within sas/iml

  115. is chi-square a parametric statistics?

  116. pass a macro var into a macro

  117. performance on SQL view

  118. printing graphs

  119. problems with HTML OUTPUT

  120. proc display under solaris 8

  121. process a dataset from last obs to the first

  122. pulling other relevant data ... middle value of median, cont'd ...

  123. pulling other relevant data from a median observation... (?)

  124. question on PROC CLUSTER

  125. question to SAS/ETS proc forecast

  126. rename variables

  127. sas macro code

  128. sas/iml macros and SORT statement

  129. stacking and transposing

  130. statistic label

  131. thanks for responses on issue "age-standardized mortality rates and SMR"

  132. tip: using templates

  133. two simple related questions

  134. wanna see teens models (18 )

  135. winsorization
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